Friday, 24 April 2009

Look-a-Likes 2 Morgan/Bardem

I watched a film called 'No Country For Old Men' the couple weeks ago- bit of a weird film - but made me think and stuck with me for a bit. However, something which struck me the whole way through, and continued to bug me until I goggled it - was how much the main character reminded me of a character from the series 'Greys Anatomy'

So - Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Greys anatomy:
And Javier Bardem from No country For Old Men:


Monday, 13 April 2009

Game Reviews (DS)

Over the Easter period, I played quite a few DS games during my time off (a break from my reading has been nice!) So I shall give a quick review of each one - exciting!!
Theres 8 different games, and I have marked them out of 10, and ordered them below from best to worst :)

Professor Layton and the Curious Village - 10/10
The Curious Village is a puzzle game. You control Professor Layton around the village of St. Mystere to locate the "Golden Apple" and solving other little mysteries during their searching. There are Brain teasers, logic puzzles, sliding puzzles and lots more - many asking you to think outside the box or to think more carefully before rushing into an answer. Many of these questions I have encountered before, such as the farmer trying to get across the river and trying to measure a certain amount of liquid with other containers... I enjoyed the game a lot, probably the best I have played on the DS (along with Hotel Dusk:

ThemePark DS - 8/10
Oh... what a classic! Exactly like the old bullfrog PC game I had back in the day.. but on DS - love it!! Although i do get bored of these quite quickly.... I did hope they might bring theme hospital out also, but in an interview asking 'If Theme Park is a success on DS, do you plan to bring Theme Hospital or Populous to DS?' Nagahara (the game designer says) 'We had a wonderful time developing Theme Park for DS... (blah blah blah lots more stuff about how great it was) but we have nothing to discuss at the moment regarding future development plans.' Bummer. :(

Mechanic Master - 7/10
Mechanic Master uses the stylus as a weapon to rid the Earth of alien invaders that have scattered across the planet. You have to create crazy contraptions to free humans, and creative-thinking is key to clearing each level. I enjoyed this game, but it got a bit boring after a while, as each level is very similar, just getting harder, with more complex contraction reactions you havr to set up..

Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity - 6/10
Basically... there are different problems, where you have to get a ball to touch a button... and the only thing that is certain... is gravity... there is lots of physics and stuff involved....I haven't played this a huge amount, but it has been okay. Similar to the Mechanical Master... I got a bit bored quite quickly as you have to be delicate when picking up the objects, as the slightest touch they move and knock over each other, and you have to think very carefully when trying to solve each one.. i lost patience!! A Good, and well thought out game!

Mystery Case File: Millionheir: 6/10
Sounds more exciting than it is... although it is looking for some dead millionaire, and who killed him... all it is is a big searching game. You have a list of 5-25 items and a time limit to find a certain amount of them in a room or series of locations... this is the whole game... sometimes visiting the same room looking for different items... I enjoyed it, as sometimes it was nice to not have to think and just look for silly objects in a random scene... but I wouldn't play this again now I have completed it...

Rubik's Puzzle World - 3/10
an abstract environment Rubik's Cubes, with a collection of games that challenge intellect while incorporating the mental twists and turns that made the original Rubik's cube.... Some of the games were quite fun and challenging.. all involving Rubik type cubes and colours... but it seemed a bit pointless, when you had done a level, it just turned a different colour... there wasn't the opition of different profiles so i didn't know what I had done or what my mum had completed, and there were no times or scores, or any extra bits to open... I just didn't really get a sense of progress or feeling of achievement with the game, so i stopped quite soon after starting!

Myst - 1/10
Apparently: 'Alone on a mysterious island, you set out to explore its grandeur and mystery. Here a chilling tale of intrigue and injustice, defying all boundaries of space and time, is being told. Quickly, though, it becomes clear every action can somehow help unfortunate individuals trapped somewhere in a parallel dimension.'
However, this was a complete disaster on the DS. I can see this working really well on the PC (We even have the PC version - I just never got round to playing it) It was awkward, trying to walk around and get a proper view was dreadful, everything was always so dark, and the screen was too small, everything you tried to read was too small even with some magnified glass tool and you couldn't spot things which would lead the story on. I ended up printing a walk through... and realised half the stuff I had done without realising it (I had walked into a secret room from throne room, and didn't know where I was or how I got there due to the awful stylus tapping way of getting around) In the end the walk through just wasn't fun and was meaningless, so I gave up and traded this game in! I did waste a total of about 3-4 hours trying to get into it though!!

The Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass Hints III - 1/10
Tried to play this game, I really did... but the first thing you have to do it fight 3 Orcs... and then later 2 more and then 2 more... you get 'experience' and promoted or what not, i even found a spell and some protection thing... but I had to make a move, then the enemy made a move, and no matter how i tried to kill them, each time I would lose a few health points, and after about 15 minutes, I died due to having no health. There was no explanation of how to get health, or even really how to play the game... and since there was fighting from the beginning with no real explanation or aim of the game, I gave up and this has also been traded in!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


I realise I never came back and finished my last entry, and I do apologise! I ended up visiting my friends, and having a most wonderful weekend, and then as the week progressed I had 'issues' with my sister and 1 laptop charger shared between us.... Lets just say, after a long few days of tempers hotting up, the final showdown wasn't pretty. I should affirm our arguments have progressed from when we were younger brawling siblings, as no violence was used, name calling was kept to a minimum, and it did not end in tears... however, long, accusing words were exchanged, and I'm sure the neighbours can't have appreciated the noise!

I have been up to lots of little exciting things, and shall probably follow this with various reviews of films and games I have watched and played this past week :)

Love Love