Saturday, 30 May 2009

25th Wedding Anniversary

It was my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary this week. Wow - 25 years with the same person! Well Done them! They went off to Paris for the week (well 4 days) to celebrate - leaving me at home! woo! Me and Charlie had lots of fun, ok... actually, I'm slightly ashamed to admit it - but we spent most of the evenings watching Tv - Britain's Got Talent, Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri, with The Apprentice on Wednesday - I lead a sad life!
Was off work ill on the Thursday, but by late afternoon was feeling better, so I deep cleaned half the kitchen (I wasn't feeling THAT much better) for my parents return, and made them a card by hand...
Please note the silver sequins to represent the silver wedding anniversary... I did have lots of issue with glue - but I think I just about saved it!
My parents also bought each other a card, my Mum bought hers in one of the local shops, while Dad purchased his in Central London; these are the cards they swapped:

Think it's kinda sweet they got each other the same card... I like coincidences like that :)

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