Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A place to sit and read

After a bit of an argument with the family, I walked out the house and set off looking for somewhere to sit alone and read my book (Far from the madding crowd by Hardy)
It was cold and I didn't want to go far.
I ended up in the Foyer of the cliffs theatre... I sat overlooking the Thames watching it slowly get darker while reading my book. A production of 'singing in the rain' was being preformed and heard applause every so often, and apart from the 15 minute interval when it was jam packed and buzzing I had a very peaceful2 hours and read a lot of the book... It was very relaxing and improved my mood no end. I hope to do it again soon. Although I'll have to find another book I can get lost in and enjoy as much as that one (didn't think I'd be a fan of Hardy, but once you get past all the descriptive language, the story has a lot of emotion and life in it)

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