Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Home: Day One

I wake rather later, a lingering guilty pleasure of my previous student life. The house is quiet, not like my previous visits home. I realised that everyone was leading a ‘normal’ existence and were at work; causing the solitary silence to grow further more potent around me. I glanced at the clock – just past midday, I was pleased it wasn’t too late compared to my usual routine. I reach for my laptop and flip it open in bed; I might as well start as I as I hope to go on, and the job search was about to begin. However, after a couple of Google searches, this process had to be put on hold as the thought of a CV, or filling in any of the application forms suddenly made me feel unprepared and hungry. I hurriedly snapped the PC shut and moved to the kitchen.
Oh, such a treat to be home. The cupboards are full and the fridge packed, so unlike my pitiful student existence. And a bath! One must indulge in such luxuries after being so long without. However the excitement soon wears off once breakfast and a bath are enjoyed, so I wander the house looking for other previously restricted activities. The blank, black television screen sitting in the corner of the living room looks mysterious and inviting; surviving without a TV at university had not been a problem, but some old school day-off-sick-style sofa time could be enjoyable. I start flicking through channels, feeling somewhat like a cave-woman with the new sky+ system being completely unknown and new to me. I point the control at the screen, randomly pushing buttons in varying combinations, while making peculiar grunting noises as I attempt to decipher the new technology installed in my absence. I manage to find a channel which looks to be exhibiting old people with ever older furniture, but am unfortunately unsuccessful at being proficient enough with the machinery to elicit any sort of audio to accompany the images. Defeated, I mope back up to bed with a book, and hide there until the people with the jobs return home...

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