Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I always pick Intelligent and Good Looking...
I like an intelligent man as I love good conversation and someone that can tell me cool and interesting stuff, and therefore can inspire and impress me, and in turn want to learn from me also
and, well, I have to be sexual attracted to my man!!
So, that ends up with them being emotionally unstable... which yes, always happens to me. Can't have proper conversations about how they feel, and how we are going to make it work, or what we're going to 'label' as us, or what we both want. So I end up in an awkward, half-relationship with an ex for 6 months, a secret relationship with my manager for a year, or seeing a guy who's about to move to the opposite side of the world... but there's me, still hoping one day, one man will like me enough to want to be emotionally stable just cos I'm that special and totally worth it!
haha, pretty sure that's one of those happy endings that I so badly want to believe in!!

What do you pick?

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